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2012-02-07 04:52 pm

The Phantom knows...

With the weather being so nice the past month I’d forgotten that February is meant to be a rather cold and bitter month. Today I was reminded most forcefully how could it gets in these parts!

I was most excited to see that there was a new addition to my Phantom of the Opera collection out in stores today.

Not too long ago I was presented with a version I wasn’t familiar with…sad to say that I will not be sitting through the duration anytime soon.
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2012-02-06 07:50 pm

Wasting time

Wikipedia is by far the best use of time when one is wanting to waste a good deal of it....
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2012-02-02 06:28 pm

(no subject)

I’ve barely touched this thing since whoever it was set it up for me. It’s strange I’m not all that big into social networks yet I find the allure of blogs and journals too tempting. I love communities because they give me a chance to act like the girly girl I am inside…I probably love it for the escapism.

Therefore I shall need to cruise around the expanse of this odd little device and see what I can find. Hopefully something good.